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[S3E5] How I Met Everyone Else

Everyone sits at the bar when Ted's new girlfriend walks in. Ted introduces her as "Blah Blah" (because Future Ted can't recall her name in recounting this particular story). She tells everyone they met at a French cooking class, but actually they met online. Ted then explains that she's hot. Barney explains she's crazy as well. Ted disagrees, however Barney explains the only hot girls online are crazy, hookers or dudes. Barney explains the Hot/Crazy Scale. A girl has to be above the "Vicky Mendoza"-diagonal, named after a girl Barney has dated.

[S3E5] How I Met Everyone Else


Back in Austin, things are less happy as Stella arrives to help August clean up his mess. She flicks the power to the bar and tells everyone to start clearing out. Then, she heads to the keg closet to let August out. As everyone starts leaving, she starts tearing into August, asking what the hell he was thinking pulling a stunt like this.

Right before Paper Boi takes the stage, there's some random guy up there hyping up the crowd. Apparently, his name is Wiley, and he's the venue owner's nephew. Allegedly. They end up calling Wiley and attempt to coax him into returning to the venue so that they can question him about the phone, only for Socks to hijack the conversation. In what appears to be typical Socks fashion, he screams and threatens Wiley, claiming that he's "the white Liam Neeson" and that he will f***ing kill him if he doesn't come back with the phone. This seems to completely spook Wiley, who hangs up without another word, leaving Al and everyone else frustrated.

  • Brian Tyree Henry really shines as Al/Paper Boi in this episode. I got goosebumps listening to him open up to Wiley, and his growing frustration and despair at the loss of his phone (or his voice, rather) is incredibly believable.

  • The name Wiley sounds exactly like the word "wily," which means "crafty," "dodgy," "sly," or any number of synonyms that could describe a trickster character. It's befitting.

  • It would be nice to get an episode dedicated to whatever the hell Van is up to on her journey of self-discovery. I guess we're supposed to sort of empathize with Earn's point of view, as she isn't really communicating with him, so we're all left in the dark concerning her whereabouts and activities. There are still five more episodes left in the season, so maybe I'll get my wish.

  • The fact that everyone refuses to go on Darius' secret room adventure is especially funny to me since there was recently an argument of sorts in the "Atlanta" subreddit concerning whether or not the series should focus more on Darius and his weird little adventures. Obviously, this episode was written and produced long before this, but the timing is amusing.

  • I liked this episode a lot more than "The Big Payback" for a number of reasons. I don't mind that the series will likely feature more "standalone" episodes without the min cast, but there's something a bit clumsy about them so far. Maybe that'll improve. We'll see.

Atlanta is currently streaming on Hulu and airing on FX.

At Lord Pam's mansion, everyone sits for a meal and Disney Villain shares his thoughts on how women are all idiots, especially Disney Princess. New Footman briefly considers murdering Disney Villain with a tiny pair of scissors.

Back in Ireland, Lady Pam blows Victoria's mind by detailing how she and Lord Pam are in an open relationship and that, when the beehive is a-rockin', they agree not to come a-knockin'. Victoria thinks to herself, Well, if Albert keeps up this bratty thing, maybe Baby #7 can be fathered by someone else (perhaps even someone I'm not related to!).

At Jammin' Jerome's, the Family is going over how many kilos their contacts can move. Upon asking about Inglewood, Franklin realized everyone was mute on the subject. Jerome then stated that nothing goes through Inglewood without Skully's consent. Leon then notes that they have no connections with Skully. Fatback, on the other hand, say they do. Leon snaps at Fatback to shut up but Franklin calls on Fatback to answer. Fatback mentions Manboy, seeing how his sister is the Skully's baby mama staying in the Bottoms. Franklin then gives Leon an order to link up with Manboy to meet Skully, but Leon refuses. Franklin then snaps at Leon and reminds him the nonsense with Wanda was already taken care of and needs him to take care of this business. Leon then caves to Franklin, who then adjourns the meeting. As he is walking away, Jerome stops Franklin to speak to him. Franklin tells Jerome it could wait and he needs to see his mom since he is running late. Franklin then asks about Jerome's injuries. Jerome tells Franklin it looked worse than it already was. Jerome then tells his nephew he'll speak to him later as Franklin exits.

Andre is in the Internal Affairs offices being questioned by Detectives McKay and Vasquez. He is asked how much he drank, and whose idea it was to head to the hotel room. Andre told them he had a little bit to drink and rarely drink, he also answered it was his idea to go to the hotel. He was then asked if there was any money exchange, and Andre stated she wasn't a prostitute. McKay asks Andre if he is sure, and his Police Union Rep Steve comes to Andre's defense. Andre then makes it clear to the detectives that he was set up, targeted, and micked by that woman, claiming the tox screen will prove he was doped. McKay then asks who is targeting him. Andre stated it was the woman. Vasquez then asks if there is anyone else who would go after Andre. He then states he put away a lot of bad guys over the years. Vasquez then asks Andre if he is aware that he is named in 3 active lawsuits against the police department, noting the property damage, the excessive force, and the fact that he held a woman for 24 hours without cause and McKay notes that she used a waste basket as a toilet while in custody. Andre clarifies it as a mistake. McKay tells him someone can call it a civil rights violation. Andre is behind himself upon hearing what the detectives are informing him and turns to Steve to do something other than just sit there and watch. His Union Rep then requests the I.A. detectives to keep the questions limited to the current case. Andre then attempts to convince the detectives that he is a good cop and the force would back him. Vasquez then states to Sergeant Wright that they are trying to get a feel of who he is and are receiving a questionable behavior pattern from the meeting which they will look into.

At Jerome's place, Leon, Manboy, and Fatback speak about the deal with Franklin and talk about Skully possessing a grenade and having a hostage in the bathroom. Every is staring at Manboy, who then reminds everyone that he told them Skully was crazy and it was the cost of doing business in Inglewood. Manboy then tells Franklin that the Bloods can take 20 kilos a week. Though Leon is very uncertain of dealing with Skully, Franklin then asks Manboy if he could handle him. Manboy assured him he can. It is settled and Franklin concludes the meet. Franklin then has Leon come with him to his mother's place.

Andre is sitting in a parking lot in his vehicle when Nix pulls up and enters his car. Nix then asked what he's doing out there. Andre tells Nix that he is suspended. Nix then expressed his anger after Lt. Todd made that decision. Andre then requests a favor from Nix, proclaiming he is gonna bury Franklin Saint. Nix so far likes the idea. Andre tells Nix they can't plant evidence and that someone from high up is covering Franklin's ass. Since everyone knows Franklin is in Andre's crosshairs, he states they have to be under the radar. He asks Nix to find out where he is sleeping since he doesn't live with his mother or his uncle anymore. Nix agrees to that and asks what the next step is. Andre then tells Nix the next phase would be for him to get his wife and kids out of LA for a few days then they will go to work.

Dave Damm-Luhr: Absolutely. But there's a problem with that that I find in my gut. I want to be doing stuff so I can go to bed and feel like, "Yeah. I pushed the ball forward in some little bitty way". But often there's something that's missing in terms of, "Who else is in the room with me? Where are they coming from? What do they [00:01:00] have to offer?". You know what I mean?

Vanessa Rule: First question was, is it even possible to engage mom on this issue? I was telling you earlier that I didn't come to doing this work as a mother, even though my kids were three and six when I started. Because within my group of friends, of mothers, it was a really unpopular topic. It was the downer conversation. Nobody wanted to touch that thing, and so I was not sure when Kelsey showed up and -

Stacy Levy: Once everyone is gathered, we sit in a circle and give an overview of what we're going to do. There's usually one or two facilitators who facilitate the meeting. It's a combination of [00:06:00] education about the urgency of climate change, and also conversation with, "What brought you here? Why does this matter to you?". Everyone's voice is heard in the circle.

Curt Newton: Yeah. Here Vanessa's going to tell us about one newish member of Mothers Out Front taking an important step, from simply opening her home for a house party where someone else did the talking, to speaking and facilitating the conversation at the house parties herself. Guess what? It didn't end there.

One of the things that I've been doing on expansion has been to bring mothers from different states together, right? To talk about those stories and having this vision of, "Oh. They did this in this place. That's very inspiring and emboldening to mothers who are starting to do it somewhere else". Definitely again bringing people together and creating that cross realization.

Vanessa Rule: Love, right? Commitment. This truly is, you feel it in your gut. I mean, you can go to sleep at night thinking about your children. There's a level of commitment in that sense of, I've heard a number of mothers say to me that they got to a point where they realized that nobody else was going to fix this and that they had to do it. Who else is going to do it? Nobody's going to do it, and so they just have to go in there. There's a fearlessness when you're fighting for somebody else, that I think allows you to take some incredible risks. 041b061a72


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