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Spongebob Bath 2021

SpongeBob checks the clock and realizes that it is time for Gary's bath, but as usual, the snail does not want to take it. SpongeBob, wary of the battle he is in for, tries various methods he learned from his family to get Gary into the tub.

spongebob bath

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First, he throws a ball to the bathroom and tells Gary to fetch, but it is a Boomerang Pet Ball, so it comes right back. Next, he straps a bomb to his own chest and tells Gary that it will explode if he doesn't take a bath, but Gary does not move. SpongeBob then tries to hypnotize Gary with subliminal messages, but the disturbing imagery does not help. He calls a French restaurant, but cannot understand the receiver's accent.

SpongeBob then plays leapfrog with Gary and tosses him towards the bathtub, but misses and breaks Gary's shell. He then tries to bribe Gary with a dollar bill, but Mr. Krabs appears and snatches it. A dance routine and a fake treasure hunt leading to the bathtub also fail, as do his attempts to physically force Gary into the tub.

At first, SpongeBob fears the force of his water jet tore off Gary's skin, but realizes he only sprayed a gramophone playing a record of meowing. The real Gary then steals SpongeBob's ladder, leaving him stuck on top of the tree, saying that he is not the boss of him, and he does not have to take orders from him. Then, SpongeBob notices Gary sneaking towards a mud puddle. He gives him a three-second count to get away from the mud puddle. However, he causes SpongeBob to fall out of the tree into the mud himself. SpongeBob is then forced to take the bath under Gary's supervision instead, ending the episode.

Our SpongeBob Bath Bombs Gift Bag is comprised of a set of 5 bath bombs. The collection includes 5 of the following 7 chosen at random: Sponge Bob (Yellow); Squidward (Aqua); Patrick (Orange); Plankton (Blue); Mr. Crabs (Purple); Gary Snail (Green); and Sandy (Red).

As with all Berwyn Betty's bath bombs, there is a surprise inside! Inside each bath bomb is a SpongeBob mini figure. As the bomb melts away, releasing nourishing oils, color and scent, the toy begins to appear.

Each bath bomb measures 3" x 3" x 3/4" and weighs approximately 5 oz. Each bath bomb is individually shrink-wrapped to preserve and lock in the scent and freshness and for added shipping protection. The bombs are arranged in a perfectly sized organza bag, making it easy to share and transport. Our minimal outer packaging footprint supports environmental sustainability.

Berwyn Betty's bath bombs are made with carefully selected ingredients ... clean, simple, premium-quality, all-USA natural, and gentle on the skin. Kids are delighted by and love our bath bombs! Berwyn Betty's strives to appeal to all kinds of kids - boys, girls, young and old. Great everyday gift, birthday gift, party favor or bathing incentive for kids, grandkids, nephews and nieces

Toss the bath bomb into the tub with water. It fizzes, bubbles and foams for about 5 minutes, releasing brilliant color, scent, and nourishing, moisturizing vitamin E and grapeseed oils into the water. It's like a very cool chemistry experiment. As the bomb melts away, a nice-quality toy appears in the tub! A surprise finale to the end of the display.

Berwyn Betty's bath bombs are hand-made in small batches in the USA by our mission-driven team that takes pride in making quality products. We use only carefully selected clean, simple, premium-quality all-USA natural ingredients. Food-grade colorants are used that will not stain your tub, skin, or fabric. Whenever possible, certified natural pure essence oils are used. Only natural scents that have passed internal reviews are included in bath bombs. If a scent cannot be found in nature, quality fragrance oils that retain their scent are used. This approach is not the cheapest but is definitely the best. Berwyn Betty's does not offer a product that its team would not personally buy for their family. Bombs are gentle and safe for the entire family.

All are CSA approved and IFRA certified. Allergens declared on labels.Specific Toy Requests: I am generaly unable to do specific toy requests. Many customers ask for this and its just not something I can do for everyone due to the time it takes, as once the bath bombs are made I do not know which toy is inside and to keep track of this would be extremely time-consuming, and it puts great strain on sourcing the popular toys. If you desperately want a specific toy, I may be able to do it especially for you but it will result in a delay to the order. Please contact me before placing an order if you want to ask me about this. At busy times I may be unable to do specific toys. Thank you for your understanding.Please be aware that the photo does not always show all possible toys for aesthetic purposes (sometimes there can be so many its hard to fit them on or the picture just looks too crowded and makes it even harder to white background them). I always make sure the toys are from the series/brand/theme but can include some less major characters although I try to make sure I don't include toys that are obviously really obscure. Please also note that I show the bath bombs wrapped and unwrapped in most photos.

(We cut to a bathtub full of water, a shower head running water, a bar of soap on a green wooden floor, and finally, a goofy-looking hillbilly woman. We cut back to Spongebob's eyes springing open. He exits lefts with an embarrassed look.)

Spongebob (While talking on the phone): Hello, fancy French restaurant. (Someone on the other line starts talking back) I've got a naughty snail here who won't take a bath. (While listening, Spongebob starts to get confused.) What? Could you say that again? (Gary slithers left until he's out of the shot) Slow down, it's like you're speaking some other language!

(Mr Krabs drives his wheeled bathtub into the shot from the left, swiping the dollar from Spongebob, and drives right until he's out of the shot. Bubbles rise revealing Spongebob scatting and dancing to entertain Gary.)

Spongebob: Why, no, Gary. This isn't the bathtub. (Kicks the brown paint bucket away) It's treasure! Look, (Pulls out two bars of soap) doubloons. (Sets down the bars of soap while winking) Don't drop them. (Spongebob pulls out a rubber ducky, which squeaks as he picks it up.) Look at this brooch!

(Spongebob throws Gary into the tub, but Gary floats over the bath water much to Spongebob's confusion. Gary suddenly appears next to Spongebob. Spongebob's lower eyelid twitches and he turns to Gary.)

(Gary unsticks to the floor, sending Spongebob and Gary to fly through the ceiling and Gary sticks to the ceiling. Spongebob looks down, and in his POV, we see the bathtub down below. The camera zooms away showing Spongebob's legs dangling.)

(We cut to Spongebob falling into the hole past the screen and he lands in the bath water off-screen. We cut to the bathroom again, this time with the paint washed off the outside of the tub. Spongebob rises up from the bath water angrily.)

This 6-piece bathroom set brings a clean, fresh look to your modern space. It includes a soap dish, soap dispenser, storage jar, toothbrush holder, wastebasket, and toilet brush. Each piece is crafted from plastic in a variety of sleek, neutral hues to choose from that resist mildew, and they're accented with a ribbed design for plenty of texture in your bathroom. We love how the shiny chrome finishes on several accessories create the right color contrast. The wastebasket has a 360 lid that makes it easy to toss out clutter. Plus, this bathroom set is safe to throw in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

This freestanding single vanity features a sleek, clean-lined silhouette that fills your bathroom with modern style. The base is made from solid and engineered wood with a wire-brushed oak finish. Six side drawers and a 2-door center cabinet give you plenty of room for towels, toiletries, and other bathroom essentials. The rectangular stone countertop measures 48" across, with plenty of surface space to help you get ready for the day. An oval ceramic under-mount sink is included, and a faucet is sold separately. No assembly is required, and there's an opening in the back for hassle-free installation. 041b061a72


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