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How To Reset Undertale Steam [WORK]

Problem is, creator Toby Fox made it next to impossible to scrub the blood from your digital hands. Even if you manage to reset the game, your version of Undertale will be permanently marked, going so far as to change the True Pacifist Ending.

How To Reset Undertale Steam

Since the question didn't mention actually finishing the genocide run you are able to reset and stop at any time. You may get a few strange bits of dialog when you reset but since you haven't completed the genocide run through to completion you are free to reset and still have the non-genocide pacific endings.

A SAVE can be loaded via the game's menu. The game automatically loads the most recent SAVE whenever the protagonist's HP reaches 0. Meta knowledge plays a heavy role in this since the protagonist and other characters have memories of events that occurred before resetting their SAVE. For example, Toriel remarks that speaking with the protagonist is like speaking with an old friend, while Papyrus feels that they look familiar.

The Reset function is found in the game's menu. This function erases most information stored in a SAVE, such as the protagonist's LV and EXP; resetting, however, does not erase certain variables such as the name. Similarly to loading a SAVE, some characters in the game act differently after a reset.

A True Reset is a function available after completing the True Pacifist Route. It erases most data from the undertale.ini file, exceptions including the Mysterious Door opening and border data on console. The post-Genocide state is in a separate file and unaffected by even a True Reset.

If the Genocide Route is completed, the First Human destroys the world. They then offer the player to recreate the world in exchange for their SOUL. Other than manipulation of the files using a file editor, this is the only way to reset the game. However, accepting this offer also activates a permanent flag in the game's files which affects all subsequent True Pacifist and Genocide endings.

The SAVE files, in-universe, are created by the characters that can SAVE. There are three SAVE files in the game files (located at %LOCALAPPDATA%\UNDERTALE on Windows, /.config/UNDERTALE on Linux and /Library/Application Support/com.tobyfox.undertale/ on macOS):

As a new "runner" of this game, the vague instructions to achieve a "true reset" do not work. I'm playing on windows through steam. turned cloud sharing off, deleted ALL files related to Undertale, reinstalled, and I still cannot get a reset. My runs are rejected because of this and I dont want to continue trying to practice let alone play if I can't submit a run.

Are you deleting the files in your AppData folder? Those are all you need to delete to achieve a true reset. Also if you haven't already, disconnecting the game from Steam is recommended as it gives you faster load times. You can do this by moving the UNDERTALE folder in the steam directory to a different location and deleting the steam_api file.

@JookieTheLookieJookieTheLookie Nah reinstalling the game in that situation doesn't fix it, it'll just show the post-geno 10min blank wait screen when you open so it wouldn't be a true reset even if you waited it out.

First, you need to find your Undertale save folder. This is usually C:/Users/username/AppData/Local/UNDERTALE, but it might be different for you, who knows. It should contain at least a file called undertale.ini and a file called file0, unless you haven't saved your game yet, or the save was deleted.

Once you have found where your existing save data is, you can load it into Flowey's Time Machine to edit it. You don't have to load an existing save though you can select a preset instead at the top, or use the default preset which is set by default.

(undertale spoilers)While the real knife sprite is nowhere to be found in-game, a depiction of it can be found as one of the badges awarded on Steam for collecting the Undertale trading cards. 350c69d7ab


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