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What is the best way to pick the perfect wedding rings?

It's an unambiguous yes.

You can plan ahead for your wedding rings

Get your wedding ring at least three months prior to the wedding date, and best of all, four months before the wedding date. This will give you time to plan for engravings and requests. Of course, it is possible to conduct some research before you go.

Tip: You're late? You can ask the jeweler if they can engraving the rings following the wedding.

Consult with the experts

The rings you choose to wear for the rest of your life. It is essential to weigh carefully your options and seek advice from a reputable jeweler or goldsmith. The internet is not a good option in this case!

Wedding rings: Try all the options

Rings come in a variety of shapes and colors that affect how they feel and look. Only those who have tried all of them on their own will be able to feel the difference and possibilities. It is important to pay attention to the ring's crowning (the inside curvature) since this will determine the degree of comfort to wear the rings.

Close your eyes

When choosing "your" wedding rings there is only one person who can make a decision the final decision: your intuition. You must trust your gut and that "Yes that's it!" feeling. You never know when you may find yourself in love with a model that is completely new to you.

Wedding rings that showcase your individuality

You want it to be rose gold, but does not fit with your partner? There's no reason to be in the (pre)marriage anxiety. Often a common design element like shape or surface structure can be enough to out you as married couples despite having different wedding rings.

Better to not:

Chase discounts

The rings should last for years. So don't cut corners. You'll be able to enjoy premium materials such as platinum, 585 or 750 gold, securely set diamonds and stunning designs for the longest time.

Tip: If your wallet cannot afford the extravagant wedding rings you've been dreaming of You can have the majority of wedding rings set with just one or two stones in the future.

Inflate the results

On summer days that are hot or during winter's freezing temperatures the finger's circumference can change. Be sure that your hands are in a comfortable temperature as you test your hands on.

Be awed

Do you prefer a lavish model of a ring, like with stones on the inside of the rings rails or with engraving on the outside? Or perhaps a unique material, such as carbon? Ask for detailed information in advance to determine whether future size adjustments are possible.


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