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2 Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge Movie Download Mp4

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge: A Bollywood Classic

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (The Big-Hearted Will Take the Bride), also known by the initialism DDLJ, is a 1995 Indian Hindi-language musical romance film written and directed by Aditya Chopra in his directorial debut and produced by his father Yash Chopra. The film tells the story of Raj and Simran, two young non-resident Indians, who fall in love during a vacation through Europe with their friends. Raj tries to win over Simran's family so the couple can marry, but Simran's father has long since promised her hand to his friend's son.

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The film was released on 20 October 1995 and became a huge commercial and critical success. It was the highest-grossing Indian film of 1995 and one of the most successful Indian films in history. It won 10 Filmfare Awardsthe most for a single film at that timeand the National Film Award for Best Popular Film Providing Wholesome Entertainment. It also received international acclaim and recognition, and was included in several lists of the best films of all time.

The film is considered as a landmark in Indian cinema, as it changed the way romance and family values were portrayed on screen. It also influenced many filmmakers and actors, who tried to emulate its style and themes. The film has a cult following among Indian and diaspora audiences, and is widely regarded as one of the most iconic and influential films of Indian cinema. It is also known for its memorable songs, composed by JatinLalit, and its dialogues, written by Aditya Chopra and Javed Siddiqui.

The film is still being shown in a cinema called Maratha Mandir theatre in Mumbai as of 2023, making it the longest-running film in the history of Indian cinema. The film has also been preserved by the National Film Archive of India for its cultural significance.

Cast and Characters

  • Shah Rukh Khan as Raj Malhotra, a rich, carefree, happy-go-lucky second generation NRI who falls in love with Simran.

  • Kajol as Simran Singh, a traditional and conservative NRI girl who is engaged to Kuljeet but loves Raj.

  • Amrish Puri as Chaudhry Baldev Singh, Simran's strict and patriotic father who wants her to marry Kuljeet.

  • Anupam Kher as Dharamvir Malhotra, Raj's liberal and supportive father who encourages him to follow his heart.

  • Farida Jalal as Lajwanti "Lajjo" Singh, Simran's mother who understands her feelings and supports her love.

  • Satish Shah as Ajit Singh, Kuljeet's father and Baldev's friend who arranges Simran's marriage with his son.

  • Achala Sachdev as Simran's grandmother who reveals to her that she had eloped with her grandfather.

  • Himani Shivpuri as Simran's aunt who helps Raj to impress Baldev.

  • Pooja Ruparel as Rajeshwari "Chutki" Singh, Simran's younger sister who admires Raj.

  • Mandira Bedi as Preeti Singh, Kuljeet's sister who develops a crush on Raj.

  • Uday Chopra as Man on bike in front of Kajol (special appearance).

  • Parmeet Sethi as Kuljeet Singh, Simran's fiancé who is arrogant and violent.

  • Karan Johar as Rocky, Raj's friend who accompanies him to Europe (also assistant director).

  • Arjun Sablok as Roby, Raj's friend who accompanies him to Europe (also assistant director).

  • Anaita Shroff Adajania as Sheena, Simran's friend who accompanies her to Europe.

Plot Summary

The film begins with a montage of scenes showing the lives of Raj and Simran in London. Raj is a fun-loving and carefree guy who enjoys partying and flirting with girls. Simran is a dutiful and obedient girl who respects her parents and follows their wishes. She dreams of meeting her ideal man, but her mother warns her not to blindly believe in dreams. One day, Simran's father tells her that he has arranged her marriage with his friend's son Kuljeet, who lives in Punjab, India. Simran is shocked and unhappy, but agrees to honour her father's decision. She asks him to let her go on a month-long trip to Europe with her friends before the wedding, which he reluctantly agrees to.

Meanwhile, Raj's father surprises him with a ticket to Europe as a graduation gift. Raj is excited and decides to go with his friends Rocky and Roby. On the trip, Raj and Simran meet by chance and initially dislike each other. Raj tries to annoy Simran with his pranks and jokes, while Simran tries to avoid him. However, they are forced to travel together when they miss their train to Zurich. They gradually become friends and share their stories and dreams. Raj falls in love with Simran, but does not tell her. He also learns that she is engaged and decides to respect her relationship.

They part ways at the end of the trip, but Raj realizes that he cannot live without Simran. He decides to go to India and win her over. He reaches Punjab and befriends Kuljeet's family, pretending to be his friend Baldev's son Rajesh. He also meets Simran's family and tries to impress them with his charm and wit. He reunites with Simran and confesses his love to her. Simran is conflicted, as she loves Raj but does not want to hurt her father. She asks Raj to elope with her, but he refuses, saying that he wants to marry her with her father's blessings.

Raj's plan is jeopardized when Kuljeet's sister Preeti falls in love with him and his true identity is revealed. Kuljeet and his friends attack Raj and his father, who have come to attend the wedding. Raj fights back and escapes with Simran. They reach a railway station, where Raj's father tells him to go with Simran. Simran's father arrives and confronts Raj. He accuses him of dishonouring his family and tries to take Simran away. However, he sees the love in Simran's eyes and realizes that he cannot force her to marry someone she does not love. He lets go of her hand and allows her to go with Raj. Raj and Simran board the train and embrace each other, as their families bid them farewell.

Analysis and Reception

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge is widely regarded as a masterpiece of Indian cinema, as it successfully blended the elements of romance, comedy, drama, music, and family values in a captivating and entertaining way. The film appealed to both the Indian and the diaspora audiences, as it depicted the dilemmas and conflicts faced by the NRIs who try to balance their traditional culture and modern lifestyle. The film also challenged the stereotypes of Indian cinema, such as the portrayal of women as submissive and dependent, the glorification of violence and revenge, and the rejection of love marriages. The film showed that women can be strong and independent, that violence can be avoided through dialogue and understanding, and that love marriages can be accepted by families if done with respect and consent.

The film also marked the emergence of Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol as one of the most popular and successful on-screen pairs in Indian cinema. Their chemistry and performance were praised by critics and audiences alike. Shah Rukh Khan played the role of Raj with charisma and charm, making him a romantic hero for generations. Kajol played the role of Simran with grace and conviction, making her a role model for many women. The film also launched the career of Aditya Chopra as a director and writer. He showed his talent and vision in creating a film that was fresh, innovative, and engaging.

The film received rave reviews from critics when it was released. It was also a huge box office hit, breaking many records at that time. It became the highest-grossing Indian film of 1995 worldwide, earning over 2 billion ($60 million) . It also continued to run in theatres for over 900 weeks, making it the longest-running film in the history of Indian cinema. It also received many awards and accolades, including 10 Filmfare Awards and the National Film Award for Best Popular Film Providing Wholesome Entertainment. It was also selected by Indiatimes Movies as one of the 25 Must See Bollywood Films, and by BBC as one of the Top 5 Bollywood Films. It was also included in the book 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die, and in the list of The 100 Greatest Foreign-Language Films by BBC Culture.

Legacy and Impact

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge has left a lasting impact on Indian cinema and culture, as it inspired many filmmakers and actors to create films that celebrate love, family, and tradition. The film also influenced the fashion, tourism, and music industries, as it popularized the trends of leather jackets, saris, Swiss Alps, and romantic songs. The film also spawned many parodies, references, and tributes in various media, such as television shows, web series, books, and memes. The film also became a part of the Indian pop culture, as many of its dialogues, scenes, and songs became iconic and memorable.

The film also touched the hearts of millions of fans across the world, who still watch it with admiration and nostalgia. The film has been celebrated on various occasions, such as its 10th anniversary in 2005, its 20th anniversary in 2015, and its 25th anniversary in 2020. The film has also been restored and re-released in theatres and digital platforms, with new features and formats. The film has also been honoured by various institutions and organizations, such as the British Film Institute, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and the Government of India.

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge is more than just a film. It is a phenomenon that has transcended time and space. It is a testament to the power of love and cinema. It is a legend that will live on forever.


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